• Clean and User-Friendly Design Helps Users Find Information
  • Full-Colored Captioned Infographics Support Every Viewpoint
  • Focused Coverage and Clear Analysis of Timely, Complex, and Controversial Issues

Helping Students and Researchers Understand Today's Complex Issues

“This is an exemplary resource for serious, sophisticated students. It takes a reasoned, balanced, nonjudgmental approach, supported by facts and figures, to topics much in the news. Researchers will find much substantive material on which to base written and/or debate assignments, yet the information is manageable and student friendly, using calm, straightforward prose to convey often difficult subject matter.”

School Library Journal, February 2017

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Exploring Issues is a new, cost-effective, and accessible digital resource that provides focused coverage and clear analysis of timely, complex, and controversial issues. Every topic is covered with an unbiased overview, thorough and clear pro/con presentations, critical-thinking questions, color infographics and statistics that support positions, cited primary and secondary source quotes, and an annotated list of related organizations for further research. The easy site navigation is enhanced with tools such as Google Drive, PDF download, e-mail/share, and MLA/APA citation export. Its user-friendly and clean design make it a “must have” resource for middle and high school research papers, debate preparation, persuasive writing, and class discussions.

Explore These Issues and More

Abortion Addiction Animal Rights Biofuels Biomedical Ethics Black Lives Matter Movement Cell Phones Climate Change COVID-19 Pandemic Cyberbullying Distracted Driving E-Cigarettes and Vaping Electric Cars Euthanasia Fossil Fuels Genetic Testing and Research Gun Control and Violence Illegal Immigration Legalizing Marijuana LGBT Issues Mass Shootings Medical Marijuana Online Privacy Performance-Enhancing Drugs Police and the Use of Force Police Powers Racial Justice Renewable Energy School Shootings and Violence Social Media Social Networking Stem Cell Research Video Games and Violence


  • Unbiased and easy to use resource supports research papers, debate preparation, persuasive essays, and class discussions
  • Promotes critical thinking and reading
  • Clean and accessible design invites users and helps them get the information they need
  • Issue content includes both objective, unbiased overviews and clear pro/con arguments
  • “Debate at a Glance” summarizes pro/con arguments’ main points
  • Numerous captioned, full color infographics and statistics support positions
  • Hundreds of primary and secondary source quotes with citation export
  • Regularly updated


  • Related organizations with annotations and links
  • Google Drive and Google Classroom integration
  • Print, copy, PDF download and share tools
  • Instant translation into 100 languages
  • Downloadable student and teacher guides for writing, research, and class activities and discussions
  • MLA/APA citation tool for primary content
  • Optimized for use on mobile devices
  • 24/7 unlimited user access
  • Free downloadable MARC records for cataloging available
  • $295 single site license, multi-site pricing available

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